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  • Dr. Baranchuk named President Elect of the International Society of Electrocardiology (ISE)

    Published Fri Jun 26th 2015

    Congratulations to Dr. Baranchuk who has recently been named President Elect of the International Society of Electrocardiology (ISE).
    ISE is an international society that groups researchers from all parts of the world with a particular interest in clinical electrocardiology, the role of ECG in clinical practice and advanced technology and integration of different imaging modalities.
    ISE host an annual meeting, and Kingston was responsible for a beautiful meeting in June 2011. The last meeting was hosted in "Comandatuba Island" in Brazil.
    During this meeting Dr Baranchuk was elected President Elect and will second Dr Wojciech Zareba (from Univ of Rochester, USA) during his term. He will became President of ISE in June 2017.
    In this position he will be responsible for organizing and collaborating in the creation of consensus documents, developing up-to-date educational programs and helping expanding the boundaries of the Society.
    The International Society of Electrocardiology is a multifaceted organization that performs many duties in the field of electrocardiology.
    The organization promotes the advancement of the science of Electrocardiology in addition to facilitation and dissemination of new knowledge in electrocardiology. Its role includes in encouraging research in many different areas of the specialty. ISE delivers a Young Investigation Award to include and promote the research performed by young scientists.
    Several Joint meetings have been held with different societies such as HRS, SOLAECE, SIAC or FIAI to name a few.
    Dr. Baranchuk will be a great fit for his new position and the Department extends their congratulations on this great achievement.