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  • Dr. Stuart Reid and Dr. Giovanna Pari Make Impact on Parkinson's Treatment in Kingston!

    Published Wed Feb 24th 2016

    Our Department’s very own neurologists Dr. Stuart Reid and Dr. Giovanna Pari were recently featured in the Kingston-Whig Standard about the incredible success of a new procedure designed to improve the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients. 
    The new procedure has only been available in Canada since last January.  To date, five operations have been done here in Kingston, more than anywhere else in Ontario.  In this new procedure, a tube goes into the part of the intestines where the medication can be taken directly into the bloodstream.  
    The neurologists expressed thanks to the hospitals, nursing support, and the gastroenterologists for supporting the new technology.  This is an excellent example of how clinical innovation and collaboration provides our patients with the best and most up-to-date care possible!  Congratulations!  

    To read the entire article please click here.