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  • More Great News for the Department of Medicine Faculty - Publications selected for the Canadian Journal of Cardiology

    Published Fri Apr 8th 2016

    Dr. Chris Simpson announced recently the topics below were submitted from Queen's Universtiy to be part of the Canadian Journal of Cardiology's (CJC) Training Program Initiative. 

    The following two topics have been selected as part of the Training Program Initiative:

    • "The Role and Technique of Transseptal Access" - Dr. Benedict Glover and Dr. Enes Elvin Gul  
    • "Challenges in Refugee Health Care: A Case of Multiple Spontanous Coronary Artery Dissections" - Dr. Peggy Dejong, Dr. Tina Zhu and Dr. Amer Johri

    Other topics submitted to CJC but will be outside of the Training Program Initiative since only a maximum of two can be selected for the program.

    • "A Practical Approach to the recognition of Interatrial Blocks" - Dr. Adrian Baranchuk and Dr. Winnie Chan
    • "Interatirial Block as a predictor of Atrial Fibrillation" - Dr. Adrian Baranchuk and Dr. Winnie Chan
    • "How to Identify Heart Failure Patients that will benefit from CRT with a Focus on Non-LBBB ideal responders." - Dr. Adrian Baranchuk and Dr. Ifrah Abdirahman

    Definitely a "Good News Story" for Queen's University and the Department of Medicine!  All to be published later in 2016.