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  • Canadian Health and Family Von Willebrand Program Launch - Canadian Health and Family on CTV - Dr. Paula James

    Published Tue May 3rd 2016

    Watch on CTV Saturday May 14th - 4 minute segments as part of the Canadian Health and Family broadcast on CTV.

    Paula James, MD FRCPC

    Professor, Department of Medicine, Queen’s University
    Medical Director, Women & Bleeding Disorder Clinic, Kingston General Hospital

    Von Willebrand disease is an inherited bleeding disorder affecting an estimated one in a thousand Canadians. Symptoms include:  easy bruising, epistaxis, excessive or prolonged bleeding - specifically after dental work or surgery and for women, heavy menstrual periods. Though recognizing symptoms and obtaining an affirmative diagnosis remains a significant obstacle, effective therapies are available to treat this disease. Spreading awareness is key, and patients should always be open, observe the messages their bodies are giving them, and speak to their doctors regularly about the presence of any symptoms.

    Watch the segments below - streaming on the Canadian Heath and Family site -



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