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  • Dr. Jennifer A. Flemming - Cancer, Journal of American Cancer Society

    Published Mon May 16th 2016

    The Department extends congratulations to Dr. Jennifer A. Flemming as the author of, “Increased Incidence But Improved Median Overall Survival for Biliary Tract Cancers in Ontario From 1994 – 2012: A Population-Based Study” (CNCR-16-0213.R1) which was recently accepted for publication in Cancer.

    Cancer is an esteemed peer-reviewed oncology journal. It is the official journal of the American Cancer Society, and in 2014 had an impact score of 4,889. This publication is Dr. Flemming’s first (of many future) publication using Ontario population-based data. We asked Dr. Flemming some questions about her paper.


    Q: What is the impact of your findings (journal) for cancer?

    A (Dr. Flemming) : While the incidence of many cancers are on the decline, our study shows that there has been an increase in the incidence of both intrahepatic and extraheptic cholangiocarcinoma in Canada over the past 20 years. However, we also show that even though more cases are being diagnosed, the median survival of these patients has improved over the same time period. This survival improvement parallels an increase in the proportion of patients who received either chemotherapy or radiotherapy suggesting that improvements in cancer therapy in these tumor sites maybe responsible for observed trends.


    Q: How will it affect patient care and treatment

    A: These results likely won’t impact patient care directly at this time but will lead to future studies that will help us further understand the reasons for the improvement in survival. The results of these future studies may then translate this into clinical practice in the future.

    Keep an eye out for Dr. Flemming’s publication coming soon.