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  • The Henry Dinsdale Lectureship: Dr.Sandra Black on Hypertension, Aging, and Brain Health

    Published Fri Jun 17th 2016

    Dr. Sandra Black spoke on Hypertension, Aging, and Brain Health on June 16th in Etherington Auditorium. This was for the Henry Dinsdale Lectureship. The lectureship was established in honour of Dr. Henry B. Dinsdale, MD'55, to support the costs associated with bringing prominent speakers on topics related to neurological diseases or medical leadership to the Department of Medicine of Queen’s University.


    Dr. Black is one of the world’s leading researchers in Alzheimer’s disease.  She  gave a comprehensive lecture on hypertension and brain health focusing on recognizing hypertension as public enemy #1 for the brain; understanding the “brain signature” of hypertension and choosing anti-hypertensives wisely – "what’s good for the heart    may not be best for the brain".