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  • Mohs Clinic Video

    Published Mon Jul 4th 2016

    Watch this new video about Moh's surgery, brought to you by the Public Relations Department Hotel Dieu Hospital and Dr. Moran of the department of Dermatology.

    One of only 13 in Canada, a new Mohs micrographic surgery program opened in August 2015, giving patients access to the gold standard treatment for complex non-melanoma skin cancers. Mohs surgery is largely used to treat basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas and is especially useful for cancers located in sensitive areas of the body where it is essential to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible (e.g., head, face, neck). An extremely precise technique, Mohs utilizes real-time confirmation of surgical margins and boasts a cure rate of up to 99 per cent. It is a vital tool in the fight against escalating skin cancer rates, especially in our region with its population of fair-skinned and aging patients.

    Dr. Moran spent a year completing a Mohs fellowship at the University of British Columbia and is currently performing Mohs at Hotel Dieu Hospital