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  • Letter to the Editor recognizes Dr. Jin and KGH Stroke Team

    Published Tue Jan 29th 2013

    Michael D. Kawaja of Kingston writes a letter to the editor entitled: `KGH Stroke Care is Excellent` in Saturday`s Kingston Whig Standard (Jan. 26). He cites the stroke care team`s dedication and skill in caring for his mother in June 2011 at KGH.
    KGH Stroke Care is Excellent
    I would like to share my family experience from June 2011, which gives support for Hilary Thompson`s article: `Hospital`s Stroke Care Receives Glowing Review`(Dec. 21, 2012).
    My mom developed a sudden onset of confusion, slurred speech, and reduced motor ability. She was quickly taken to KGH emergency, where her status continued to deteriorate.
    Fortunately for her, she was eventually transferred to Dr. Albert Jin`s stroke team. Once under his care, and the care of the superb nursing team in the KGH emergency room and Dr. Jin`s neurology colleague Dr. Gordon Boyd, my mom`s condition rapidly improved from complete paralysis on the right side of her face and body (by the next afternoon) to a near complete recovery of all motor function (by that midnight).
    Dr. Jin`s team in the Stroke Unit of KGH was fantastic - providing my mom with meticulous medical monitoring and wonderul nursing care for the next five days. My mom`s status over the last year and a half has remained stable and excellent.
    I can only say that Dr. Jin`s intervention in my mom`s emergency care on that day in June was both timely and fortuitous. He provided the best medical care and concern that anyone could wish for from their physician. I commend the Stroke Program at KGH, with Dr. Jin as a stroke neurologist, for preventing the long-term disability of my mom, who is able to live and function independently with a high quality of life. Thank you.
    Michael D. Kawaja