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  • Ontario Research Funds awarded to members of the Department of Medicine

    Published Wed Aug 24th 2016

    Fifteen Queen's University researchers have received over $2.8 million in funding from the Ontario Research Fund.  The Department of Medicine is proud to announce that three of those researchers are from within our department. 

    Dr. Mark Ormiston and Dr. David Reed are the recipients of the Ontario Research Fund - Small Infrastructure Award.  This funding helps to support infrastructure needs including equipment and modern facilities.  Dr. Ormiston received $175,000 for his project, which will look to expand upon his past research and to develop new immune cell-based therapies for pulmonary arterial hypertension and other vascular diseases.   Dr. Reed received $110,900 for to examine the role of nutrient signaling pathways in irritable bowel syndrome and to determine new therapeutic targets.

    Dr. Amer Johri is the recipient of the Early Researcher Award.  The funding will assist with establishing a research team.  Dr. Johri will utilize this $140,000 grant to support his ongoing research on early stage heart disease detection.

    Congratulations are extended to all funding recipients.