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  • Dr. David Maslove published paper - Accuracy of a Wrist-Worn Wearable Device for Monitoring Heart Rates in Hospital Inpatients: A Prospective Observational Study

    Published Tue Sep 27th 2016

    Dr. David Maslove has published a paper looking at the accuracy of wrist-worn wearable fitness trackers in a hospital setting.  

    The objective of the study was to evaluate the accuracy of heart rate monitoring by the personal fitness tracker amongst hospital patients, and to determine if it could be used for routine monitoring, or as an early warning system to detect clinical deterioration.

    Alongside Drs. Boyd and Kroll, Dr. Maslove gathered the heart rate data of 50 patients in stable condition via cECG and the wearable tracker over a 24 hour period.  This data was then analyzed.  To review the results of this study please click here.

    Additional media coverage can be read in the Queen's Gazette and viewed on CKWS TV.