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  • Dr. Gord Boyd Publishes Study on Utilization of EEG in Canadian Intensive Care Units

    Published Mon Dec 12th 2016

    Dr. Gordon Boyd, member of the Division of Neurology at the Department of Medicine has published a study on the utilization of EEG in Canadian Intensive Care Units. Kingston General Hospital was the site lead for this study 

    Dr. Boyd and his team had previously shown that EEG may be an underutilized monitoring method in an ICU setting and chose to look into the pattern of EEG utilization in three academic ICUs in Ontario (with Kingston General Hospital being the lead site). Of note - each of the ICU settings are know to have different models of neurocritical care. 

    Some highlights of the study are:

    - EEG monitoring is indicated for approximately 1/3 of critically ill patients
    - Only 37% of patients with indications for EEGs had one performed
    - Continuous EEG was very rarely used

    For the full paper please click here.