Admission to the Cardiology program at Queen's University is through the Medicine Subspecialty Match, coordinated by the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS).

Our program participates in the Cardiology National Interviews held in October.  This allows Program Directors and applicants an opportunity to meet on a single day in one location.  Programs will adhere to the guidelines of the Medicine Subspecialty Match, agreed to by Canadian Association of Professors of Medicine, the Canadian Association of Internal Medicine Program Directors, the Canadian Associate Deans (Postgraduate Education) and the Canadian Association of Interns and Residents.

The training programs which participate function autonomously, but co-operate in procedures related to trainee selection. This system is intended to facilitate the interview process for both the candidates and the programs.  We do offer on-site interviews. If you have submitted an application to us through CaRMS, please contact the program office to arrange an on-site interview.

The logistics and limited time in Toronto means that some programs are not able to accommodate all candidates at National Interview Day in Toronto. We encourage candidates to interview onsite for programs that are within their region when possible. An on-site interview does not confer an advantage in the applicant ranking by programs.