Research and scholarly activity is a mandatory part of our program.  The program acknowledges the longitudinal reality of successful research so that if a resident’s project will benefit from a half day per week for a prolonged period of time all efforts will be made to free the resident from clinical duties during lab rotations if it will be a significant benefit to the research. The Research Supervisor makes this decision and recommendation as needed.   

Individual Attendings support residents with mentorship and assistance in designing, conducting, analyzing a study and preparing it for publication submission. Financial support is available by application within the university and within the cardiac program. The Research Supervisor is aware of these opportunities and encourages the residents to apply as he sees fit. 

Residents are required to complete a project during their training for presentation at a national or international meeting. Residents with a particular interest in research often develop it further through the formal mentorship program and from the informal mentoring that frequently occurs. When this interest is seen, like-minded faculty members make efforts to identify and support the work throughout training and try to direct the resident to the appropriate career training choices.