Training Sites

Kingston General Hospital

Kingston General Hospital (KGH) is a regional gastroenterology resource for a population of about 750,000. Facilities include a busy emergency department, a large multi-functional ICU, coronary care and neurological intensive care specialty units and renal dialysis.  Gastroenterology maintains a dedicated inpatient CTU. The case mix includes patients awaiting special procedures, inflammatory bowel disease patients, patients with unstable GI bleeding, and liver failure cases. A well equipped endoscopy suite with dedicated endoscopy nursing staff provides all endoscopic services 24 hours a day.

The KGH experience is designed to provide trainees with supervised opportunities to evaluate and manage sick GI cases requiring hospital based care and to develop additional skills critical to the efficient use of hospital resources.  Residents assigned to the ward act as Junior Consultants and are expected to be involved with the care of critically ill GI cases. Residents also perform all of the endoscopy procedures on the inpatient cases. These include all consultation endoscopies as well as the GI CTU cases.  Approximately one third of a resident’s time will be spent at KGH.


Hotel Dieu Hospital

Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) is an ambulatory (or outpatient) care facility, providing medical care or treatment that does not require an overnight stay and that includes services such as specialized clinic visits, day surgeries, and diagnostic procedures using advanced technology, equipment, or procedures. Approximately 2/3 of the training time is spent at HDH in ambulatory care including up to 8 half-day clinics (general, liver, hepatitis, motility and IBD) and 2 procedure half days weekly.

The objectives of ambulatory training are to provide supervised exposure to both common and unusual ambulatory GI problems and to instruct residents in the organization and operation of an ambulatory endoscopy facility.  HDH has excellent well-staffed clinic space and a fully functioning ambulatory endoscopy unit staffed by dedicated endoscopy nurses. A multifunctional GI lab offers a range of breath tests, traditional esophageal manometry, anorectal manometry ambulatory pH-motility testing, and video capsule endoscopy.