Testimonials from Recent Graduates

I have nothing but great things to say about the GI program at Queens. I am very thankful to all the department for providing me an excellent education.
I think the clinic and urgent endoscopy experience is unparalleled. The size of the program allows for an excellent learning atmosphere. The staff is able to watch you mature over two years and have close interaction with you, allowing for them to adapt your education. Another major strength of the program is the diversity of the faculty. Each of the faculty members have strengths in areas of gastroenterology, and combined in a small-knit group, can foster an excellent education.
I think it is well known that the research program functions at a very high level. They are keen to foster any interest you may have in research. Under Dr. Vanner's supervision, I was the first author of a study in a high impact GI publication journal.

Derek Yu, MD, FRCPC
GI Resident,  2008-2010

The best program for those interested in therapeutic endoscopy as you can have six or more months of advanced endoscopy in your PGY5. For those very interested in research, there is ample opportunity for both basic science and clinical research, especially in the area of motility. The endoscopy nurses and scope washers are a fun group to work with and very supportive of residents. The small size of programs allowed us to get to know residents from other programs, which was beneficial when doing consults and asking for consults. All the staff are very approachable.
Oscar Cruz Pereira, MD, FRCPC
GI Resident, 2010-2012

Now that I am out in practice I am really appreciating what a well-rounded program the Queen's program is.  I particularly enjoyed the organized clinics (e.g. liver, IBD) and the amount of outpatient exposure offered at Queen's.  I find myself relying on teaching points that were brought up around cases at least a few times a week when seeing patients in my own office and on call.  I feel like I got an excellent exposure to all aspects of GI and Hepatology in a program that was still small enough for me to get to know all the staff and hospitals well.

Rania Rabie, MD, FRCPC
GI Resident, 2006-2008

I greatly enjoyed my time as a GI fellow at Queen’s.  The program provides academic excellence and a collegial working environment.  I felt very well prepared to go into practice at the end of my training.  The GI staff are very supportive of the GI fellows and challenge them to be their best. 

Adriana Lazarescu, MD, FRCPC
GI Resident  & Clinical Fellow, 2005-2008