Department of Medicine

Jill Dudebout
Program Director, Adult Hematology,
Attending Hematologist

Annette Hay

Attending Hematologist
Clinician Scientist
NCIC Clinical Trials Group

Paula James

Attending Hematologist,
Thrombosis & Hemostasis

David Lee

Division Chair, Service Chief,
Attending Hematologist

John Matthews

Stem Cell Program Director,
Attending Hematologist

Department of Oncology

Tara Baetz
Attending Hematologist/Oncologist and Divisional Head, Medical Oncology

Elizabeth Eisenhauer
Head, Department of Oncology

Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Pat Farmer


David Good

Chief, Division of Hematopathology,

David LeBrun


David Lillicrap
Hemostasis & thrombosis

Dilys Rapson

General Hematopathology
Immunophenotyping and Coagulation

Lois Shepherd

Blood Bank Director
Training Program Director
General Hematopathology

Michael Rauh

Hematopathology, Myelodysplasia

Department of Pediatrics

Mariana Silva

Attending Pediatric Oncologist

History of Medicine

Jacalyn Duffin

Hannah Chair, History of Medicine