Learning Environment

One of the best features of Hematology at Queen’s is the learning environment.  The core teaching faculty of our program is a small group of friendly Hematologists and Hematopathologists who work extremely well together.  Residents and faculty get to know each other well, and the resulting relationship is more collegial than hierarchical.  The Hematopathologists also provide excellent one-on-one teaching at the microscope in the laboratory.

Training in our program is further enhanced by our location in Kingston.  In addition to a full academic curriculum, there is plenty of patient volume.  As there are only a few community hematologists in the area, residents see a full spectrum of referrals from common primary care hematologic problems to more complex tertiary care problems.  Residents are based at KGH when they are in Kingston and do not miss any learning opportunities as all tertiary care hematology cases come to KGH.   The hospital covers all aspects of Adult Hematology with the exception of allogeneic transplant.  This, along with Pediatric Hematology, is done in Toronto or Ottawa.