Educational Activities

Dedicated academic half-days occur weekly throughout the year, ensuring that residents are covering the entire curriculum in a comprehensive manner.  Topics include Neurosciences Case Rounds, Clinical Rounds, a seminar series, Journal Club, and a Clinical Examination Series.  Medicine Sign-In Rounds occur daily, while Stroke Rounds, Neuropathology Rounds, and Medical Mortality / Morbidity Rounds occur weekly.

All PGY1 Neurology residents are invited to attend the Queen’s Conference on Academic Residency Education (QCARE), the Teaching Improvement Project System (TIPS), the Critical Events Simulation Course, and the Senior Resident Leadership Course offered through the Kingston Resuscitation Institute.

Weekly Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM   Path Lab
8:30 - Neuropath Rnds

Richardson Labs
8:00 - M&M Rnds

Radiology Conf
7:30 - Rads G-Rounds
Kidd 7A/B Conf
8:30 - Case Rnds
9:30 - Neurosci Rnds
10:30 - Clinical Teaching
11:30 - Clinical Skills
Noon Kidd 7A/B Conf
11:30 - Stroke Rounds
Kidd 7 A/B
Neuro - D/C Planning Rnds
Con 7 Library
12 - Neuromusc Rnds
Etherington Hall
11:30 - Medicine G-Rnds
PM   2PM - Neuro Ward
Pharmacy Rnds
    Location TBA (monthly)
14:00 - Natnl Stroke Rnds

Academic Half Day & Past Presentations
          AHD schedule   (MedTech) last updated May 22, 2012          

NOTE: Please note highlighted areas for room changes or time changes

          Past Presentations (MedTech)

Residency Training Committee

          Minutes and Objectives (MedTech)
Conferences & Courses


January February March April
  Feb 6-8 - Int'l Stroke Conf
(Honolulu, HI)
Mar 15-23 - AAN
(San Diego, CA)
May June July August
May 28-31 - Euro Stroke Conf
(London, UK)
September October November December


January February March April
May June July August
September October November December