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Local Resources

                  Kingston General Hospital

                  PAIRO - Top 10
                  Queen's Postgraduate Medicine
                  Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Clinical Tools & Links
                  AAN: Guidelines *, Fellowships, Resident Page
                  CMA: Determining Medical Fitness to Drive *
                  NCBI - GeneTests
                  OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man)
                  Baylor College of Medicine (Neurology) - case of the month *

                            CNS Pathology (Utah)
                            International Society of Neuropathology: cases
                            Department of Pathology: cases (U of Pittsburgh)
                            NEOMed*/Neuropathology* (2 separate links - Northeast Ohio Medical University)
                            NeuroHelp* (U of Oklahoma - Click on NeuroHelp or NeuroSim for more topics and cases respectively)

                            Stroke Trials Registry
                            AHA - Stroke Webinar Series
                            Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care

                  Movement Disorders

                            Neuromuscular Disease Center (Washington U) *

                            Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library (Utah, curiculum)


                            Fellow's Portal (AJNR, ASNR)                 

Clinical Practice Forms

                  Approval for testing
                  Exceptional Access Program (former Section 8, doc)
                  Mental Health Forms ( Form1 / Form42)
                  Ministry of Transportation Reporting
                  MoCA (Version1, Version2, Version3 PDF)
                  KGH drug approval form

Housekeeping Forms

                 Call Stipend & Taxi Voucher Forms
                 Conference Bursary Request Form (Medicine)
                 Please consult the Internal Medicine website for CTU/ICU/Emergency vacation request forms
                 Neurology reimbursement forms