Program Overview

The Neurology program has been designed to ensure that residents acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to gender, culture and ethnicity pertinent to neurology.  On completion of the program, our graduate physicians are competent to function as consultant neurologists.

The five year program, fully accredited by the RCPSC, is comprised of a basic clinical year with rotations in inpatient wards, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and the coronary care unit.  This is followed by four years of adult Neurology, including experiences in inpatient services and consultation, intensive care, EMG/neuromuscular disease, EMG/epilepsy, neuropathology, and pediatric neurology.

Sample Neurology Rotation Schedule
Cardiology / Coronary Care Unit Internal Medicine Neurology Inpatient Service         
Neurology Consultation Service            
EMG-Neuromuscular           Neuropathology                     Neuropediatrics                                  Research                                               
Emergency Medicine
Infectious Diseases
General Internal Medicine /
Subspecialty Medicine
Neurology Neurology              


The first year of the Neurology program is comprised of internal medicine training.  This includes rotations in Neurology, General Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine, and Cardiology/Coronary Care.  Residents function at a level comparable to those in the core Internal Medicine program, learning to provide scientifically-based, comprehensive, and accurate diagnosis and effective management for patients with disease. 

This year is a flexible year designed to provide education in the broad base of skills necessary to practice neurology. It is recognized that within the discipline of neurology, there is great variation in the career goals of trainees. While the emphasis will be on a broad base of education needed for the practice of general adult neurology, there is flexibility for special arrangements including elective time.

The third, fourth, and fifth years of the program are comprised of Clinical Adult Neurology rotations.  These specialty years include Neurology inpatient consultation, EEG/Epilepsy, EMG/neuromuscular, Neurology clinics, and Neuropathology.  In addition, rotations in pediatric Neurology are completed at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.   Elective opportunities are also available.