Asthma Program

Dr. D. Lougheed 
Respiratory Therapy: 
Ms. Cathy Muir
Ms. Jennifer Olajos-Clow
Ms. Patti Moyse
Ms. Nicola Thomas
Mr. Thomas Fisher 
Ms. Janice Minard
Ms. Patti Moyse 
The Asthma Program is a comprehensive disease management program which includes diagnostic, therapeutic, educational and research components. The clinical program encompasses ambulatory, emergency and inpatient clinical care. Ambulatory services include multi-disciplinary Asthma Clinics, staffed by respirologists and a nationally certified asthma nurse educator, an Asthma Education Centre, and Pulmonary Function and Allergy Skin Testing Service. Inpatient services include a Collaborative Care Plan for the care of adult asthma patients in the Emergency Department and Inpatient settings, a spirometry service for asthma patients in the Emergency Department, Respirology consultation service for adult asthma inpatients, and Asthma Nurse Educator consultation for adults and parents of pediatric asthma inpatients. The Asthma Research Unit conducts research in asthma symptom perception and lung mechanics, asthma epidemiology, asthma management (clinical trials and asthma education), and asthma guidelines dissemination. The Asthma Research Unit is also affiliated with the hospital’s Clinical Research Centre.

Patients aged 16 years or older may be referred by a physician to the Asthma Clinic, Urgent Asthma Clinic or Asthma Education Centre for assessment. The Asthma Clinic assessments are completed by an asthma specialist (physician) and asthma nurse. Patients may require additional investigations, such as pulmonary function or allergy skin tests. Patients with confirmed asthma will be enrolled in the Asthma Education Program also. The Asthma Education Centre provides education to patients aged 16 years or older, or parents of children with asthma, referred by family physicians, emergency physicians or other specialists. Following an initial assessment by a certified asthma nurse educator, the person with asthma will receive asthma education tailored to their individual needs.

Ms. Jennifer Olajos-Clow, Asthma Nurse
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Asthma Research Unit
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Pulmonary Function and Allergy Skin Testing
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