Cystic Fibrosis Program

The Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Program is a multi-disciplinary program which provides comprehensive care to patients with CF. The team includes a pediatrician (pediatric program) and respiratory physician (adult program), nurse coordinator, physiotherapist, dietician, social worker, pharmacist, pulmonary function technologist and (for the pediatric program) a child life worker. The CF Program provides ambulatory care in separate Pediatric and Adult Clinics, provides inpatient services for hospitalized patients, and participates in CF research. The CF Clinics are accredited by the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Patients with suspected cystic fibrosis may be referred directly to the appropriate physician for evaluation. Patients with confirmed CF are enrolled in the CF Program and followed regularly by all members of the team in either the Pediatric or Adult CF Clinic, in keeping with current practice guidelines. Patients typically enter the Adult Clinic at about age 18. Routine follow-up visits occur approximately every 3 months. Patients may be seen between regularly scheduled appointments for acaute illnesses. Consultative services are provided to hospitalized patients as required. Patients in the CF Program may be invited to participate in ongoing research studies. Currently, we are participating in several multi-centre CCFF-funded studies, including a genetics study (children and adults) and osteoporosis study (adults only).

Dr. R. van Wylik, Pediatric Clinic Director
Phone: 613. 544. 3400 ext 3359
Fax: 613. 544. 3559

Dr. D. Lougheed, Adult Clinic Director
Phone: 613. 548. 2348
Fax: 613. 549. 1459
Ms. Lisa Smith, Nurse Coordinator
Phone: 613. 544. 3400 ext 3347
Ms. Kristy Brundage, Physiotherapist
Phone: 613. 544. 3400 ext 3187
Fax:613. 544. 8320
Ms. Julie Nedvedik, Dietician
Phone: 613. 544. 3400 ext 2170
Fax: 613. 544. 1661
 Ms. Mary Wilson, Pharmacist
Phone: 613. 544. 3400 ext 2159
Fax: 613. 531. 8260
Ms. Monica Stary Stein, Social Worker
Phone: 613. 544. 3400 ext 3157
Fax: 613. 544. 1661
Ms. Cathy Muir, Pulmonary Function Lab
Phone: 613. 548. 3232 ext 2439
Fax: 613. 547. 2069
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