Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program

Dr. C. D’Arsigny
Dr. D. Lougheed  
Dr. S. Moffatt  
Dr. D. O’Donnell  
Dr. R. Wigle 
Dr. Onofre Moran-Mendoza
Dr. Chris Parker
Dr. P. Heffernan
Dr. J. A. Neder-Serafini
Dr. J. Garvey

Dr. R. Gregg  
Dr. A. Tomiak
Dr. C. Falkson
Dr. K. Thain
Dr. C. DeMetz
Dr. A. Ashworth
Dr. M. Mates

Thoracic Surgery:
Dr. D. Petsikas  
Dr. K. Reid  

Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program:
Ms. Christine Noseworthy, RN
Ms. Marsha Ruddock, DAP Admin
Mr. Jordan Beattie, DAP Lead

Dr. J. Flood
Dr. R. Dhillon

The Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program (LDAP) is a patient- and family-centred program, developed to improve the experience of diagnostic care for patients with suspected lung cancer.

Patients who are referred to the Lung DAP are first triaged by the Nurse Navigator, in preparation for their first clinic visit with either Respirology or Thoracic Surgery. The Nurse Navigator support the patient  throughout the course of the diagnostic work-up, provides ongoing care and education. Referrals to the LDAP are accepted by a central fax (1 (613) 546-8225). Respirologists and Thoracic Surgeons see patients at the Hotel Dieu Hospital or Kingston General Hospital, and the Oncologists see patients at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario. The LDAP coordinates diagnostic investigations, maintains contact with the patient and the clinician’s/ consultant’s office for discussions about the diagnosis and related issues. The LDAP also oversees timely staging investigations and/or referral to surgery or oncology.

The Lung Disease Site Group meets weekly as the Lung Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference (Dr. R. Gregg, chair; Dr. K. Reid, co-chair) to discuss patient cases, treatment, diagnostic and therapeutic issues.

Christine Noseworthy, Lung DAP Nurse Navigator
Phone: 613.544.3400 x2474
Fax: 1.613.546.8225 


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