Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital

Lorelei Samis
Jennifer Patelli  
Linda Lefevere  
Physiotherapist Assistants:
Karon Warren
Sally Dawe
Judy Gray
Charlie Popovic 
Occupational Therapists:
Heather Faris

This is a supervised, multidisciplinary rehabilitation program for patients with ventilatory insufficiency. Patient referrals are accepted from physicians and the COPD Education Centre. Typical patients for referral include those who remain symptomatic despite pharmacotherapy, who do not have significant co-morbid illness interfering with their ability to exercise (i.e., who do not have significant ischemic heart disease or musculoskeletal problems that limit their ability to participate), who preferably are non-smoking (although exceptions are made), and who are able to arrange transportation to this multi-modality exercise endurance training program. The 3 week inpatient program is for patients who meet entry criteria, but who are geographically displaced. The outpatient program is an 8 week program where patients attend clinic on three afternoons a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and begin a customized, individualized exercise training program of various exercises including walking stair climbing, treadmill exercise, stationery bicycle, strength training, breathing exercises, stretching, etc. There is also an educational component, which comprises of eight lectures.

The aim of the program is to maximize functional capacity in patients with respiratory impairment so as to improve shortness of breath, exercise performance, and quality of life. Patients leaving the program enter a home-based program where they will continue regular exercises. Multidisciplinary services are also available for selected individuals, i.e., psychology, nutritional support, social work, pharmacy, as well as instruction from specialized COPD educators. This rehab program interfaces with the Better Breathing program, which helps people to continue home-based training, as well as avail of the exercise facilities at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital. 

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