Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program (LDAP)


This program coordinates the care for patients being worked up for possible lung malignancies. This includes patients who are being assessed for possible lung cancer and those with diagnosed lung cancer for whom treatment or further diagnostic decisions are made.


Fax number for LDAP Referrals: 1 (613) 546-8225

LDAP Referral form

Please fax completed form and CT chest report along with any other pertinent information (i.e. other imaging, PFTs, blood work

Jane Dantes, RN, LDAP Nurse Navigator:
Phone: 1 (613) 549-6666 x7452
Toll-Free: 1 (800) 567-5722 x7452

Marsha Ruddock, DAP Administrative Secretary:
Phone: 1 (613) 549-6666 x6688
Toll-Free: 1 (800) 567-5722 x6688

Instructions to Patients:

The LDAP Nurse Navigator, Jane Dantes, will be in contact with you prior to your first clinic visit. If you have not been contacted, please contact her at 1 (613) 549-6666 x7452.