Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic

Every second Monday: 1:00 - 4:00pm


To evaluate patients for suitability for
entrance into the inpatient or outpatient
pulmonary rehabiliation program at St.
Mary's on the Lake Hospital. Also, patients
who have graduate from the program are
followed up, and patients who develop
clinical problems while in the program are
often assessed at  this clinic.

St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital
First Level 


Dr. D.E. O'Donnell
Phone: 613. 548. 2339 
Fax: 613. 549. 1459
Email: odonnell@queensu.ca

Ms. Gail Whiteside
Phone: 613. 548. 2339
Fax: 613. 549. 1459
Email: whitesig@kgh.kari.net 

Denis E O'Donnell, MD, FRCPI, FRCPC
Physiotherapits: Lorelei Samis,
Jennifer Patelli, Linda Lefevere
Occupational Therapist: Heather Faris
Physiotherapy Assistants: Karon Warren,
Sally Dawe, Judy Gray, Charlie Popovic 

Instructions to Patients:
Wear running or walking shoes and loose 
clothing (track suit)