Training Sites

Kingston General Hospital (KGH), southeastern Ontario’s leading centre for complex-acute and specialty care and home to the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, is the primary teaching site.  KGH serves almost 500,000 people through its Kingston facility and 24 regional affiliate and satellite sites. KGH was ranked in 2011 as one of Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals by Research Infosource.

Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) is the ambulatory care teaching and research hospital for Kingston and Southeastern Ontario. As an ambulatory (or outpatient) care facility, it provides medical care or treatment that does not require an overnight stay and that includes services such as specialized clinic visits, day surgeries, and diagnostic procedures using advanced technology, equipment, or procedures

Providence Care provides specialized mental health care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, specialized geriatric services, complex continuing care, palliative care, and long-term care.  Care is provided through inpatient, outpatient and community services.