Calling in sick

If you are sick and unable to come into work, you must inform ALL of the following people immediately:

  1. Your attending physician and the senior medical resident / fellow on your team
  2. The Chief residents (
  3. Claudia Trost (

If you are ON CALL that night, or if you anticipate being unable to complete a future call shift due to illness, you are expected to make every attempt to arrange to a call switch with another resident. Once you have found a resident to cover your call shift, notify your team, one of the Chief Residents and Claudia Trost, who will update switchboard and the relevant wards.

If you do not hear back from one of the Chief residents regarding your absence and/or call shift, it is possible that we have not seen or received your email as we are on service as well and do not check emails frequently throughout the day. In this situation, please page the chief-in-charge for that week (our pager numbers are emailed out with the call schedule).
You need to let the Chief residents and Claudia Trost know when you return to work.

Please see the Emergency Leave Policy regarding Emergency Absence.

We also encourage residents to be familiar with the following document:

PARO-CAHO Agreement: