Conference Travel - Funding  
Travel/Conference Funds Request Form (IM Program) Complete before conference - APPROVAL REQUIRED
Reimbursement Form Request (Queen's form) For reimbursement, must be submitted to program office 30 days after returning
Elective Requests We will distribute your evaluation form but in order to do so we will need your preceptor's name and email address. It is your responsibility to ensure he/she completes your evaluation in a timely manner.
Evaluation Form Use the specific ITER for your chosen elective
Handover Form For use to track consults
CTU Admitting Tracking Sheet (OLD) For use in morning
CTU Admission Tracking Sheet  
Research Proposal Form  Complete before start of rotation - APPROVAL REQUIRED
Other Forms  
Taxi Reimburesment Form For call-back travel to KGH
Call Stipend Forms  
Call Stipend Rules