Cardiology Subspecialty Training Program

Scope: Opportunity for training in clinical cardiology and the laboratory investigations of cardiac problems in adult cardiology.

Duration: Three years.

Positions Available: Two-three per year.

Details: Trainees spend approximately 14 months in laboratory rotations, 4 months of research, and 4 months of elective.

The Clinical rotations consist of 6 months of CCU and consultations, 2 months of ICU, 2 months of Cardiac Surgery, 1 Month of Pediatric Cardiology and 3 months of Ambulatory Care which is carried out longitudinally.

The Laboratory Rotations consist of 3 months of Echocardiography, 2 months of Electrocardiography, 2 months of Pacemaker and Electrophysiology, 4 months of Invasive Cardiology, and 2 months of Nuclear Cardiology. Nuclear Cardiology is carried out at the University of Toronto.

The Education activities consist of weekly Cardiology rounds, bi-monthly Professor rounds, bi-weekly Journal Club, and monthly Cardiology seminar. There are also weekly Echocardiographic rounds and weekly Cardiac Surgery Work Conferences.

For further information, write to:
Dr. Peggy DeJong, Program Director
Cardiology Training Program
FAPC 3, c/o Susan Gibson
76 Stuart Street
Kingston General Hospital
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 2V7
Telephone Number: 613-549-6666 ext 6456
Fax Number: 613-548-1387

Research Fellowships in Cardiology

Scope: Research programs are provided for individuals who have completed their basic cardiology training and wish to receive additional, indepth exposure to research techniques and concepts applicable to cardiology. In general, it is expected that applicants will be interested in pursuing an academic career.

Duration: One or more years.

Positions Available: One or two per year. As a rule, it will be necessary for the applicant to obtain external funding.

Details: Active research programs are ongoing in echocardiography, basic electrophysiology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antiarrhythmic drugs, and medical therapy of myocardial ischemia. Research Fellows are welcome to participate in all of the teaching activities of the Cardiology Training Program.

For further information, write to:
Dr. Chris Simpson, Chairman
Division of Cardiology
Department of Medicine
Kingston General Hospital
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L2V7

Echo Fellowship Information can be found through our Cinqlab website at: