The following projects are potentially available:

  1.  Animal models in arthritis and osteoporosis for testing compounds of interest. 
  2. Laboratory work on the hyaluronic acid compounds including assessing their anti-inflammatory potential in vitro. 
  3. Work with human sera and other biological fluids from patients with chronic inflammatory conditions and controls.  Isolation of hyaluronic acid and testing for inflammatory properties and effects of our synthetic compounds.  This project is currently in development. 
  4. Epidemiology projects in osteoporosis utilizing the CaMOS data base.  A focus in the Kingston CaMOS site has been on quality of life measures.
  5. Clinical and radiological assessment of hand X-rays for chronic inflammatory disease and osteoporosis (Combined Cortical Thickness):  A simple quantitative method also providing insight into pathogenesis and function. 

Please note that salary funding may not be available.

Link to publications: (PubMed)