Current Research Projects

1.     Driving in Mild Dementia Decision Tool. CIHR. Co-investigator.

2.     Driving in Mild Dementia Decision Tool. PSI foundation. Co-investigator.

3.     Quality and Safety for Older People in Canadian Hospitals: Creating a National Collaboration. CIHR. Co-investigator.

4.     Working with Seniors to Improve Transitions from Hospital. CIHR. Co-investigator.

5.     The Primary Care –  Dementia Assessment and Treatment Algorithm (PC-DATA) Project. CIHR. Co-investigator.

6.     Advance Care Planning Evaluation in Elderly Patients: A multicentre, prospective study. November 2011.SEAMO Innovation Fund. Co-investigator. 

7.     Driving and Dementia in Ontario. Alzheimer’s Society. Co-investigator.

Recent Publications

 1.  C. Frank, M. TeBrake, J. Suurdt, X. Jiang, P. Wattam, S.K. Heyland. Optimizing end-of-life care – CANHELP Questionnaire. CJNR 2012. 44(1): 40 – 58.

2.  C. Frank, S. Feldman, M. Schulz. Elder Care Files; Resources for Persons with Dementia: The Alzheimer Society and Beyond. Can Fam Phys 2011. 57: 1387 – 91.

3.  C. Frank, B. Misisaszek, An Approach to Hoarding in Family Medicine: Beyond Reality TV. Can Fam Phys  2012. 58(10): 1087-1091

4.  C. Frank. Reflections on Practice: Cognitive Aspects of Medical Decision Making in Geriatrics. Canadian Geriatric Journal 2010. 13(1): 4 – 7

5. C. Frank, A. Szlanta. Care of the Elderly Series: Office management of urinary incontinence with older patients. Can Fam Phys 2010. 56:1115 – 20.

6. C. Frank, J. Suurdt, D. Heyland. A decision aid for communication with hospitalized patients about cardiopulmonary resuscitation preference. End of Life Care in the Intensive     Care Unit – from advanced disease in bereavement. Oxford Specialist Handbooks series (Oxford University Press) 2009. Chap. 8: 234-240.