Research Interests

  • Mechanisms and management of dyspnea in chronic pulmonary conditions
  • Respiratory control, respiratory muscle function and mechanics during exercise in health and disease
  • Effects of aging, sex/gender, obesity, pregnancy, skeletal muscle deconditioning on exercise performance, cardiopulmonary responses and respiratory sensation
  • Small airway and pulmonary microvascular dysfunction in patients with early or mild COPD

Translational Research

Physiological studies on the impact of supplemental oxygen, non-invasive ventilatory assistance, nebulized Furosemide, nebulized opiates, surgical bullectomy on improving dyspnea and exercise performance in patients with COPD.

Clinical trials on the efficacy of new bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory agents in patients with COPD with particular focus on the outcomes of dyspnea and exercise endurance.