Recent peer-funded research includes:

  • Principal Investigator in Proposal for Centre for Studies in Aging and Health to support online education, training and knowledge exchange activities within SE Ontario Behavioural Supports Program. $75,000 in funding from BSO Strategy Jan 2012 - July 2013
  • Co-investigator in Developing a Self-Management Program for Dementia: Integrating Research, Care Practices and Client Perspectives through Partnerships. $98,168 in annual funding from CIHR 2012-2014
  • Principle Investigator in Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum: New Delivery Model to Enhance KTP, $7,500 from Ontario Research Coalition of Research Institutes/ Centres on Health and Aging (ORC)
  • Principle Investigator in To create an effective knowledge mobilization strategy for information and expertise in delirium prevention, identification, assessment and management that spans the continuum of care transitions of older adults with complex, $25,000 from Ontario Research Coalition of Research Institutes/ Centres on Health and Aging (ORC)

 Selected recent Publications:

  • Puxty, J., Brander, R.A., Murphy, S., Byrnes, V. Promoting Quality Improvement in Long- Term Care: A Multi-site Collaboration to Improve Outcomes with Pneumonia, Falls and Behavioural Issues in Dementia. 2012 Healthcare Quarterly 15 (2) 70-74
  • L.W. Chambers, K. Wilson, S. Hawken, J. Puxty, L. Crowe, P.-P. Lam, E. Farmanova-Haynes, S.A. McNeil, A.E. McCarthy, Impact of the Ottawa Influenza Decision Aid: Healthcare Personnel's Influenza Immunization Decision: A Randomized Trial, 2012, Journal of Hospital Infection, Vol. 82, 194-202
  • Dr. David Ryan, Mr. Robert Barnett, M.A., Dr. Cheryl Cott, Dr. William Dalziel, Dr. Iris Gutmanis, Mr. David Jewell, Dr. Mary Lou Kelley, Dr. Barbara Liu, Dr. John Puxty, Geriatrics, Inter-professional Practice and Inter-organizational Collaboration: A Knowledge-to-Practice Process in Primary Care Teams,  Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (In Press)