Medical Grand Rounds

for Thursday, February 22, 2018:

"Managing Compassion Fatigue in Medicine-What Works?  Best Practices from the field"

presented by Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP., CCC.

Compassion Fatigue Specialist

Co-Executive Director, TEND


Françoise is a Registered Psychotherapist and a compassion fatigue specialist. Her experience stems from over 20+ years as a mental health professional, working as a crisis counsellor and trauma specialist in university counselling, military, law enforcement and other community mental health environments. Françoise is co-executive director of TEND, whose aim is to offer consulting and training to helpers on topics related to secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout, self-care, wellness and organizational health. Since 2001, Françoise has given hundreds of seminars on compassion fatigue and secondary trauma across North America to thousands of helping professionals in the fields of health care, child welfare, the criminal justice system and other similar high stress, trauma exposed professions. Françoise is the author of “The Compassion Fatigue Workbook” which was published by Routledge in 2012 as well as several articles and publications.    


Etherington Auditorium 7:45 am - 8:45 am

Thursday, February 22, 2018

*Videoconferencing is available at HDH in Jeanne Mance 0-044 and Providence Care in the 2nd floor Residents Room for these rounds