Last Name
First Name

Level of Training

Medical School Attended

Aberumand Babak PGY-1 Western University
Alerhaili Ghadah PGY-1 Taibah University
Attalla Mirna PGY-1 University of Liverpool
Bernick Joshua PGY-1 University of Toronto
Catton Brett PGY-1 University of Saskatchewan
Chakraborty Amar PGY-1 McMaster University
Clayden Robert PGY-1 University College Dublin
Dai Cathy PGY-1 Queen's University
Hanson Matthew PGY-1 Western University
Jung Aera PGY-1 Queen's University
Levin Gabrielle PGY-1 University of British Columbia
Lo Carson PGY_1 University of Toronto
Luco Stephanie PGY-1 University of Ottawa
Nazarian Amir PGY-1 Ross University
Nesset Kirsten PGY-1 Queen's University
Osman Wesseem PGY-1 University of Toronto
Ovtcharenko Natalia PGY-1 Queen's University
Poon Vincent PGY-1 University of British Columbia
Preti Beatrice PGY-1 McMaster University
Tai Wei-She (Julia) PGY-1 McMaster University
Wamboldt Rachel PGY-1 Norwich Medical School
Al Hadhrami Zeyana PGY-2 Sultan Qaboos University
Astell Alexander PGY-2 Queen's University
Bai Anthony PGY-2 University of Ottawa
Chis Roxana PGY-2 Queen's University
Clark Alexa PGY-2 University of Ottawa
Clarke Whalen Erica PGY-2 University of Queensland School of Medicine
Dehghani Mohammadabadi Mina PGY-2 Shahd Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
Deluce Jasna PGY-2 Saba University School of Medicine
Durbin Joshua PGY-2 Queen's University
Edginton Stefan PGY-2 University of Manitoba
Gertzbein Shany PGY-2 University of Toronto
Housin Ahmad PGY-2 Kuwait University
Kartolo Baskoro PGY-2 University of Toronto
Lamarche Michelle PGY-2 University of British Columbia
Panamsky Lilia PGY-2 McMaster University
Popov Jesse PGY-2 McGill University
Shaikh Kamran PGY-2 Queen's University
Stapleton Kallie PGY-2 University of Wollongong Graduate School of Medicine
Stone Christopher PGY-2 University of Toronto
Tan Pearl PGY-2 University of Alberta
Veltri Nicole PGY-2 University of Alberta
Wilkinson Amelia PGY-2 University of Ottawa
Anbar Maha PGY-3 Kuwait University
Emack Jeff PGY-3 Queen's University
Fundytus Adam PGY-3 University of Alberta
Goberdhan Shivesh PGY-3 Saba University School of Medicine
Gupta Ambika PGY-3 University of Ottawa
Johnson Heather PGY-3 Queen's University
Ladha Jamil PGY-3 University of Toronto
Lake Kerry PGY-3 University of Toronto
Lam Diana PGY-3 University of British Columbia
Leung Marie PGY-3 Queen's University
Longmuir Brigitte PGY-3 Dalhousie University
Mohammad Danah PGY-3 University of Malta
Petriw Larissa PGY-3 University of Alberta
Rai Mandip PGY-3 Saba University School of Medicine
Reynen Emily PGY-3 McGill University
Robinson Andrea PGY-3 Queen's University
Tahir Ali PGY-3 Dow Medical College
Veldhoen Richard PGY-3 Queen's University
Wernham Madelaine PGY-3 Dalhousie University
Xiong Ping PGY-3 University  of Ottawa
Yao Cheng PGY-3 University of Toronto