Last Name First Name Year Medical School Attended
ANBAR Maha PGY-1 Kuwait University
EMACK Jeff PGY-1 Queen's University
GOBERDHAN Shivesh PGY-1 Saba University
GUPTA Ambika PGY-1 University of Ottawa
JOHNSON Heather PGY-1 Queen's University
LADHA Jamil PGY-1 University of Toronto
LAIRD Phil PGY-1 University of Calgary
LAKE Kerry PGY-1 University of Toronto
LAM Diana PGY-1 University of British Columbia
LEUNG Marie PGY-1 Queen's University
MATHER Richard PGY-1 Queen's University
PETRIW Larissa PGY-1 University of Alberta
RAI Mandip PGY-1 Saba University
REYNEN Emily PGY-1 McGill University
ROBINSON Andrea PGY-1 Queen's University
STAPLETON Kallie PGY-1 University of Wollongong (Australia)
TAHIR Ali PGY-1 Dow Medical College (Pakistan)
VELDHOEN Richard PGY-1 Queen's University
WERNHAM Madelaine PGY-1 Dalhousie University
AGAYBI Samih PGY-2 University of Ottawa
ALBASRI Anwar PGY-2 Kuwait University
AL-TURKI Mohammad PGY-2 Kuwait University
AMES Jeffrey PGY-2 University of Queensland
ANTIPEROVITCH Pavel PGY-2 University of Toronto
CHOPRA Deepti PGY-2 Queen's University
DYBA Janique PGY-2 University of Queensland
GUY Brent PGY-2 Memorial University of Newfoundland
KOPPIKAR Sahil PGY-2 Queen's University
KRAUT Eyal PGY-2 University of Manitoba
KROLL Ryan PGY-2 Queen's University
LUE Sabrina PGY-2 Western University
MOULSON Nate PGY-2 University of British Columbia
O'LOGHLEN Sean PGY-2 Queen's University
PHUNG Marilyn PGY-2 Western University
SATKUNAM Natasha PGY-2 University of Queensland
TRAN Audrey PGY-2 Western University
TRUSSLER Alex PGY-2 Aureus University, Aruba
XIONG Ping PGY-2 University of Ottawa
YANG Ruobing PGY-2 University of British Columbia
CHAN Brian PGY-3 Queen's University
CHANDHOKE Gursimran PGY-3 McMaster University
CLIMANS Troy PGY-3 Memorial University of Newfoundland
CURRAN Scott PGY-3 Medical University of the Americas (Nevis)
DEL PAGGIO Joseph PGY-3 University of Ottawa
DIMARIA Erica PGY-3 American University of the Caribbean
JASWAL Gurpreet PGY-3 Queen's University
KWOK Chanel PGY-3 University of British Columbia
MAKHZOUM Anas PGY-3 University of Damascus
MITRI Mino PGY-3 McGill University
MONTAGUE Steven PGY-3 University of Manitoba
MONTIETH Bethany PGY-3  
NADEAU-ROUTHIER Charles PGY-3 Universite de Montreal
RASKIN William PGY-3 McMaster University
SHAFFER Seth PGY-3 University of Manitoba
TURI (Genevieve) Jodie PGY-3 Chicago Medical School
VAGAON Andrei PGY-3 Queen's University
WATERS Braden PGY-3 McMaster University
WOO Matthew PGY-3 Queen's University
WOOLNOUGH Nicholas PGY-3 University of British Columbia
WU Zijing PGY-3 University of Auckland
ZEIADIN Nadil PGY-3 McGill University
LIU Hebert PGY-4 University of Alberta