Key Elements of the Program

  1. The program will be directed by the Deputy Head or the Head’s alternate designate and the Director will report to the Head. The Director will form a small subcommittee comprised of 3 members, each representing the departmental primary role descriptions. The website will be supported by the departmental administrative staff.
  2. Program will be mandatory for all DOM members within 5 - 7 years of their appointment and available for other members where support is needed and/or requested.
  3. Mentors will be chosen from appropriate mid-career to senior department members and in some circumstances academics from outside the department including other Universities. When the latter occurs, a departmental co-mentor will also be assigned. The mentors will be assigned by the Mentorship Program Director, usually in consultation with the Divisional Chair and the mentee. The Director will be responsible to ensure the success of individual mentee-mentor pairing and will make appropriate changes when requested and/or needed.
  4. The role/expectations of the mentor and mentee are defined (see attached role descriptions) and appropriate resources are available. The expectation is that frequent contact will occur (ideally monthly or more but at least quarterly), particularly for new members in their formative years. A formal meeting should be held within 6 weeks of the mentees arrival in the department, and then less formal contact may occur in the form of email, telephone conversations, and/or brief face-to-face meetings. Mandatory formal meetings with written reports will be conducted every 6 months for the first 2 years and annually thereafter. These will be reviewed by the Director to ensure that the program is progressing successfully.
  5. The Department website will contain a tool kit with key resources for clinical-teachers, clinical- researchers and clinical-educators and the mentors.
  6. An annual evaluation will be conducted to assess the success of the program and guide changes where needed. All mentees and mentors will be expected to contribute to the review.
  7. Mentorship roles will be recognized as an important academic contribution to the department and Faculty.