Key Elements of the Program

  1. The program will be managed by the Director who will report to the Head of the Department. 
  1. The program will be mandatory for newly appointed DOM faculty during their first year of appointment.  The program is also available for other faculty members where support is needed and/or requested. 
  1. Mentors will be chosen from appropriate mid-career to senior department members, and in some circumstances from outside the department.  The Director will be responsible to ensure the success of the individual mentee-mentor pairing and will make appropriate changes when requested and/or needed. 
  1. The role/expectations of the mentor and mentee are defined throughout the website and also in the mentee/mentor guides. 
  1. The expectation is that formal documented meetings will occur quarterly.  More informal meetings may be necessary, particularly for new members in their formative years.  Mandatory formal meetings will consist of a confidential brief written report which will be kept by the mentor and mentee. (sample mentorship meeting forms can be found under forms and resources.) 
  1. The mentor must submit a Mentorship Meeting Form (found online) which allows for the mentorship program to ensure that the formal meetings are taking place and that the program is progressing successfully.  
  1. An annual evaluation will be conducted to assess the success of the program and guide changes where needed.  All mentors and mentees will be expected to contribute to the review. 
  1. Mentor roles will be recognized as an important academic contribution to the department and faculty.