First Meeting Mentee Checklist

  1. Review your job description and reflect on your goals for the coming year.  You may want to send these to your mentor in advance of your first meeting as well as any related questions you may have.
  2. Consider the skill sets that require additional mentoring. What skills do I need to learn or improve? What do I want to change about my work style? What professional networks are important?
  3. Ask your mentor for a copy of their CV prior to your meeting to familiarize yourself with their background. 
  4. Discuss possible topics for future meetings. (e.g. time management, setting and achieving goals, balancing personal and professional life, completing manuscripts etc.)
  5. Agree on the timing of the next meeting.
  6. Use the confidential meeting document (of your choice) as your own checklist for follow-up.

Adapted from Georgetown University website