First Meeting Mentor Checklist

  1. Review attributes of effective mentoring (resources on Mentorship website).
  2. Be familiar with promotion/tenure policies.
  3. Be sure your mentee knows how to contact you and that you have their contact information.
  4. Obtain mentee’s CV prior to your first meeting to familiarize yourself with their background. Request that the mentee provides you with their academic goals for the coming year and any immediate questions they may have in advance of your first meeting.
  5. Contact the mentee and set aside at least one hour for your first meeting in an environment free from interruptions. Use this time for you and the mentee to become more familiar with each other. Discuss expectations and goals with the mentee and develop a plan to address the topics listed on the reporting tool.
  6. Agree to confidentiality and a no-fault termination policy. (complete Mentoring Agreement)
  7. Set the time for the next meeting, plan to meet formally at least four times per year and informally more frequently. Identify additional topics for the next meeting.
  8. Complete the confidential documentaion of the meeting and provide a copy for the mentee to use as a checklist for follow-up.
  9. Submit the Mentorship Meeting Form online to document that the meeting took place.

Adapted from Georgetown University website