Research Committee: Terms of Reference

Version Approved on: Nov. 27, 2017
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The goal of the DOM Research Committee includes growth of our research capacity through provision of seed grants, development of an internal peer review program and provision of protected time for research for clinical scientists.


With respect to research activities, the committee will:

  • Provide leadership in the division on research related matters
  • Serve on the department of medicine research committee on a rotational basis
  • Advocate for divisional research issues for the group and/or individuals and take a leadership role in developing research opportunities for the division
  • Participate in ongoing review of the mission and strategic plan of the Department.
  • Participate in academic recruitment where there is a significant potential for an individual having a research career.
  • Promote strategic planning for research activities in Divisions (short-term and long-term goals) consistent with the mission for the Department and disseminate research accomplishments within the Department.
  • Administer the Department of Medicine Research Awards Program.
  • Organize cross-disciplinary research seminars on a quarterly basis.
  • Make recommendations and establish guidelines with respect to degree and non-degree graduate research programs.
  • Facilitate research infrastructure for individuals and for the Department.
  • Participate in University and Hospital research administrative activities.
  • Liaise with the Office of Research Services and the Hospitals on areas such as clinical trials, consultation and contract arrangements.
  • Report to the Department Head on matters of research policy and related issues.
  • Have representation on the Divisional Advisory Committee of the Department through the Chair.



The committee will consist of 8 members including the Chair, who will be the Director of Research. At least one member will have a primary appointment in a basic science department. The Head of the Department, the Research Coordinator for the Core Program and the Associate Dean (Research) will be ex officio members. Normally members will serve for a period of 4 years; at inception approximately one-third of the members will serve for 3 years to ensure continuity on the committee.



The DOM Research Committee Chair will preside over working group meetings. Meeting agendas and relevant documentation will be circulated on behalf of the Chair in advance of Committee meetings. Meeting minutes will be distributed for review and approval by the Committee membership. Committee meetings and activities will be supported by the DOM Research & Finance Coordinator.



Membership will involve participation in committee meetings held once monthly (one hour), along with occasional correspondence via email as necessary. Additional meetings may be held as required. Meetings will be scheduled with consideration given to availability of the majority of group members.


Conflict of Interest:

DOM Research Committee members will declare a conflict of interest, real or perceived, that could be viewed as affecting their ability to assess objectively all matters before the group. Members can make the declaration either in person or in writing to the Chair. Where a conflict is present, group members will recuse themselves from discussing the matter with committee members. The minute-taker will record any such declarations.