Research Committee: Terms of Reference


The committee will consist of 5 members including the Chair, who will be the Director of Research. At least one member will have a primary appointment in a basic science department. The Head of the Department, the Research Coordinator for the Core Program and the Associate Dean (Research) will be ex officio members. Normally members will serve for a period of 4 years; at inception approximately one-third of the members will serve for 3 years to ensure continuity on the committee.


With respect to research activities, the committee will:

  • Participate in ongoing review of the mission and strategic plan of the Department.
  • Participate in academic recruitment where there is a significant potential for an individual having a research career.
  • Promote strategic planning for research activities in Divisions (short-term and long-term goals) consistent with the mission for the Department and disseminate research accomplishments within the Department.
  • Administer the Department of Medicine Research Awards Program.
  • Organize cross-disciplinary research seminars on a quarterly basis.
  • Make recommendations and establish guidelines with respect to degree and non-degree graduate research programs.
  • Facilitate research infrastructure for individuals and for the Department.
  • Participate in University and Hospital research administrative activities.
  • Liaise with the Office of Research Services and the Hospitals on areas such as clinical trials, consultation and contract arrangements.
  • Report to the Department Head on matters of research policy and related issues.
  • Have representation on the Divisional Advisory Committee of the Department through the Chair.