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Arthritis Research Centre (ARC)

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The Arthritis Research Centre (ARC) provides various opportunities for research in rheumatic diseases and in connective tissue biology.

ARC Research Fields and Academic Staff contacts:

Osteoarthritis(epidemiology, basic science): 

Dr. Towheed (TT),Dr. Anastassiades (TA)

Osteoporosis(Clinical, CaMos data base):



Dr. Clements-Baker (C-B)

Education(professionalism, post grad):

Dr. Joneja (MJ)

Inflammatory Arthritis(Clinical, basic*):

MJ, C-B, TT, TK, TA. 

Ultrasound of inflamed joints (Clinical):

Dr. Kung (TK)

Matrix Biology(*hyaluronic acid derivatives, Gout, a collaborative project in China is possible):



Selected Rheumatology Fellows, considering Academic careers, are encouraged to also explore the Clinical Investigation Program at Queen’s (CIP),  and/ or the Translational Medicine Graduate Program of the Department of Medicine,