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Jill McCreary

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 18:37

Thank you for sharing this blog post. It definitely resonates with many women in the workplace. During this pandemic there is an increasing demand on all, but I do agree this is more so felt by females (mums/wives).
I would like to point out that there is another level of disparity that isn’t captured (fully) in the blog post (although you do acknowledge it to some level).

I would like to take a moment to delve a little deeper. If we look past the pandemic, when everyone else (in this example female faculty) returns to normal, we are left with administrative staff who still continue to carry this disparate burden of responsibility in perpetuity.

Looking at our respective teams of administrators and researchers in DOM and DEM, we have numerous women who lead their households as mothers, wives, cooks, cleaners, healers, grocery shoppers, taxi driver, educators (AND MORE). These women, by virtue of salary and annual home income, often don’t have funding to support nanny’s and cleaners (or other support staff) to ease this burden. They are the ones who will continue to juggle a majority of these tasks post-COVID. All of this responsibility is on top of working full time (and let’s be realistic - more than full time) and pursuing their own further education and professional development opportunities.

I fully understand that this blog is shining a light on one aspect of COVID-19's impact on females at work, however I feel that this would be a great opportunity for a specific kudos and nod our administrative teams (and other non-academics who read your blogs).

Even though COVID-19 might end soon, we all need to have a more heightened awareness of the daily workload of all females who work around us. Some may return to a more ‘normal’ state where help can be instituted again, while others will remain carrying all of the tasks whilst still trying to climb the corporate ladder. I for one am going to send a note around to my team acknowledging this – so thank you for bringing this to top of mind.

Let's keep this dialogue open. Thanks to you both for sharing your perspectives on this hot topic.

Jill McCreary
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