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Kassandra Coyle

Thu, 09/17/2020 - 13:08

Thank you for sharing this extremely insightful post, Matthew! You did an excellent job summarizing the wonderful talk Dr. Joneja gave last week.

With the increased awareness surrounding racial injustice in the media, these types of conversations are important now more than ever. Dr. Joneja was kind enough to share many conversations that she has had in the past couple of months. From her presentation, it is clear to me, at least within the Queen’s community, that many people are interested in promoting change and are taking the necessary steps to get there.

However, as Jummy and Melinda both mentioned, the question now turns to whether or not these progressive changes will continue to happen once the media attention dies down. In response to this, I believe that it is our responsibility as both students and up-and-coming members of society to ensure that this change is not temporary. It is our job to continue these tough conversations, as well as holding ourselves and our coworkers accountable for their actions.

Recently, I have seen the hashtag “Movement, Not a Moment” circulating around social media. I believe this hashtag, perfectly summarizes the discussion we had with Dr. Joneja. It is important to remember that issues of social and racial injustice cannot be solved with a quick fix solution, but rather need to continuously be monitored and adapted to allow for a truly inclusive environment.

Kassandra Coyle

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