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Max Moloney

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 15:56

Thank you, Michaela for your detailed and insightful post recounting Dr. Lee’s presentation of “The Imatinib Story” during Medical Grand Rounds last week.

Dr. Lee’s chronicling of chronic myelogenous leukemia research beginning with Dr. Peyton Rous’ isolation of a chicken sarcoma virus to the unlikely success of imatinib nearly a century later, demonstrated the ability of translational research to make exceptional improvements in patient outcomes. I was personally moved by Dr. Lee’s recounting of the first time he transitioned a patient from treatment with interferon alpha to imatinib and witnessed a substantial improvement in the patient’s quality of life, which was made possible by over one hundred years of research.

Furthermore, Dr. Lee’s presentation also provided a great learning experience on presentation skills for graduate students in the audience. As demonstrated through the presentation and the discussion that followed, Dr. Lee’s expert scientific communication will serve as an inspiration to students in the audience on how to effectively communicate in this format.

I am looking forward to following Dr. Lee’s work in the future and the exciting developments in personalized medicine that have been made possible by the success of imatinib.

Max Moloney

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