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Kassandra Coyle

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 19:00

Thank you Jummy for the excellent summary. As someone with very minimal knowledge about blood transfusions, Dr. Callum’s insightful talk taught me a lot about the many factors that need to be considered. Further investigation into this field led me to a study which reported that there may be over-utilization of RBC transfusion and an infrequent use of iron supplementation among patients with iron deficiency anemia (1). I found this study to be incredibly interesting as during our talk, Dr. Callum mentioned the high prevalence of iron deficiency in Canada. I am interested to continue to follow the literature to see if the efforts to improve the efficiency of blood transfusion practices will have an impact on the treatment of iron deficiency.

Another interesting study that I found, looked at the effects of a new computer-based screening protocol at a hospital outpatient pharmacy. It was found that the use of a computer-based prescribing system resulted in major changes, with pharmacist’s spending 12.9% more time correcting prescription problems, while also being significantly more efficient as they spent 34% less time actually filling prescriptions (2). I am interested to see if a future use of a computer-based monitoring system that regulates the ordering of blood transfusions would have a similar success rate as this study.

1. Spradbrow J, Lin Y, Shelton D, et al. Iron deficiency anemia in the emergency department: over-utilization of red blood cell transfusion and infrequent use of iron supplementation. Can J Emerg Med 2017;19:167-74.
2. Murray, M. D., Loos, B., Tu, W., Eckert, G. J., Zhou, X. H., & Tierney, W. M. (1998). Effects of computer-based prescribing on pharmacist work patterns. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA, 5(6), 546–553.

Kassandra Coyle

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