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Emmanuel Fagbola

Thu, 02/24/2022 - 14:25

Excellent summary Pierce!

I am curious to hear your thoughts about how patient compliance may play a foundational role in the minute investment prospects that antibiotic drug development holds.

According to the example and supporting details you mentioned, it seems clear that investors are keen on spending money on drugs for cardiovascular ailments and diseases. Going into the average person's mind, I would expect anything concerning cardiovascular health to be taken seriously. In turn, I would expect a resultant high level of compliance independent of medication frequency, length, and convenience.

However, my expectation looking at the same concept for antibiotic drug compliance would be quite different. Omission of doses, taking more doses than prescribed in the hopes to relieve symptoms quicker, premature discontinuation of antibiotic therapy at the first sign of symptom relief, and the preconception that relief will be seen in a short period are factors that contribute to patient non-compliance, according to the article attached below.

In closing, do you think that increasing patient compliance through something like public health campaigns would serve to support more antibiotic research? By improving public knowledge about the gravity of infection to an individual and, by extension, the general public, will more individuals seek out emergency or primary care to receive the appropriate antibiotics when needed?


Emmanuel Fagbola

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