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Dear Pierce and Kiera,

Thank you so much for facilitating our discussion and for this summary! I agree with Kiera’s point regarding the importance of identifying novel ways to counteract antibiotic resistance. As Kiera pointed out, one of the ways of mitigating antibiotic resistance is by improving antibiotic prescribing/stewardship. Another way to mitigate antibiotic resistance is by continually allocating efforts to tracking and gathering data on antibiotic resistant infections, causes of infections and whether there are risk factors for resistance infection. This information and data can provide quality insights for preventative measures that can be taken in order avoid infection to begin with. Furthermore, avoiding infections will ultimately reduce the amount of antibiotics that have to be used and reduces likelihood of resistance development during therapy. Finally, the tracking of this data would experts to develop specific strategies to mitigate the spread of resistant bacteria. Do you think there are other ways that can be taken to prevent antibiotic resistance?

Dilakshan Srikanthan

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