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Chris: Thats an interesting we all contribute something to support the mission but those who generate a lot of outside revenue might contribute more.I have a feeling that the vast majority of the Department would not be in a position to pay much/any tax for outside activity. If I understand your suggestion a tithe on income (of modest amount) would be what most faculty would experience with those doign more out of scope work contributing some additional funds (if they exceed the exemption threshold). Re what we do with the funds: It is true that very little money is held centrally by my office and even less by Divisions. Using a tithe system-which "sees" all income (as occurs at many/most DOM's in Ontario) could help fund both a Departmental $ pool and a Divisional $ pool to fund the many services we are trying to put in place. I am supportive of the idea of Divisional Chairs having an account that allows them to support fellow travel and professional development etc within their Divisions...a tithe/tax could be a funding source. The initial accountability proposal may suggest that once one exceeds a cap there is a "tax free" window (?$20K) after which a progressive tax is applied. The revenue generated in this manner would be equally shared by the Division and the Dept.

Stephen Archer
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