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Elaine..Costa Rica..sounds great (bring me back coffee). The idea of a tax or tithe on SEAMO income is reasonable and I agree is the rule (we are the exception). However, the issue of outside income is a separate issue. If faculty member A makes $0 outside of her practice while faculty member B generates $50K of outside income, I expect the former would feel a "flat tax" on internal income was inequitable. The proposed tax on outside income is not an attempt to harvest is meant to change behaviour and have faculty focus on the broader academic mission and limit outside work to a reaosnable amount (ie <$20K). This is conceptually different than your proposal, which is intended to raise operating dollars (and is not designed to change behaviour). It may be that both interventions are necessary. A modest flat tax to generate operating funds for the Divisions and Dept is worth considering.

Stephen Archer
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